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OBT Bluefield

Omnis Building Technologies is excited to announce our new manufacturing facility to be located in Bluefield, West Virginia. For more information about OBT Bluefield and the latest updates, visiting

CIBU Home Building Systems


Imagine building a more durable, high-tech, energy-efficient home in only one or two days at half the typical cost. It would take a revolution in residential construction. CIBU has done just that. The current industry approach for building homes is unable to meet current demand for affordable housing. Omnis Building Technologies has re-invented the process for home construction -building a faster, high-quality home at a much lower cost - in order to solve this nation-wide problem.

The solution is CIBU, “Composite Insulated Building Units.” These revolutionary, building modules are made from high-performance building materials that are one hundred times tougher than traditional concrete at a fraction of the weight and cost. Our panel system is designed for high-speed construction without nails, screws, or power tools.


CIBU homes are eco-friendly with post industrial waste materials and an insulation rating of R45 - double the standard energy efficiency to reduce the social carbon footprint. A 1,600 square foot home can be “move-in-ready” in just a few days.

While energy, transportation, communication and agriculture have all been reinvented in the last century, the process of building a home has stayed basically the same. We have not only changed the process, but the product, technology, delivery system and on-site construction. Finally, the hope for millions of Americans without an affordable place to call home is on the horizon.

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